(Hot Dip, Transparent, Strippable, Rust Preventive Coating Compound.)



Dipping Compound is a mixture of various chemicals, oils and additives supplied in solid slabs.

This has to be melted and components needing rust preventive coating will be dipped in the hot

liquid to form a thin layer of coating, which can be peeled out easily when required.


The film coating prevents rust and corrosion formation on the component and also prevents damages

on the surface of the component.


It is recommended for use in


1. Automobile, Aircraft components, Loco, Marine parts

2. Tools which sharp edge like reamers, drills, tool-bits, cutters, chisels, gears, sprockets, precision tools etc.,

3. Surgical instruments.

4. Other assemblies, which need 100% rust protection.


Besides providing total protection to the surface of the component, the film coating will be transparent to enable the

consumer to read the inscriptions or markings on the component.




A. Protection against rust and corrosion under severe atmospheric conditions, Saline atmosphere, Tropical climate in temperatures between -10C to +70C.

B. Protection against damages on surface caused from rough handling, accidents.

C. Easy to pack and reduction in packing time.

D. Provides good visibility due to transparency of the coating.

E. Self-Lubricant after peeling the component a thin film coating is formed automatically.