DEWATERING FLUID is a pale yellow liquid, with petroleum odour. It is manufactured on a petroleum base and antioxidants, dewatering agents are added to it with other additives. It is used to remove water particles from metallic components after machining or before storage. DEWATERING FLUID also has excellent rust preventive properties. When the components are dipped in Dewatering Fluid, a thin film of oil is formed on the component after moisture is removed. It also prevents contact with atmospheric moisture. It is safe to handle and store as it has a minimum flashpoint of 40 C.


Every liquid behaves as if a skin or a membrane enclosed it. The surface of a liquid tends to contract, so that it must be under tension. DEWATERING FLUID contains additives, which reduce the surface tension causing preferential wetting of a metal. Thereby any water droplet will quickly pass through the fluid and settle at the bottom. Water is separated from Dewatering fluid by a distinct clear layer within minutes without any emulsification.


There are different grades of Dewatering Fluid available depending on the Rust Preventive shelf life and thickness of the oil coat required.